Difficult Customers - Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them

Marco Giunta
September 21, 2010 — 1,013 views  
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All you have to do is go to your local store and stand by the checkout counter and wait.  Every so often there will be one customer who will catch your attention - and not for the right reasons.  Their voice will begin to get louder, and you will begin to see the feeling of frustration with the employee who is trying so diligently to help this customer out.   Sometimes no matter how appropriately you follow procedure and protocol on dealing with clients, there are some people who you will never be able to satisfy.

Some people feel this way in their relationships, as well.  And, it is usually at that point that the person will sit back and evaluate the pros and cons of the situation or relationship.  Is the amount of aggravation and stress really worth it?  It may be easier to walk away from a relationship with a few battle scars.  However, in the business world, there is a little more at stake - sometimes millions of dollars.
Our jobs today are hard enough.   Downsizing, for example, now expects us to get the job done with less manpower.  And with the every present elephant in the room - the pressure to make our numbers - it becomes increasingly difficult to pick and choose the clients that we would like to have in our portfolio.


At a certain point in our lives, we seem to really "wake up" to what really matters in our lives.  As stated in my prior blog, the better we know ourselves and really understand what makes us "tick", the better we will be at directing our lives in the direction that we intended.  We become more careful in the friends that we choose, and will sometimes "weed out" the ones that no longer fit in our lives.  So why, then, do we have to feel as if we need to put up with customers who will never be happy?

We all know what a poison will do to our bodies.  It will branch out to all of the major organs and systems in our body until finally it becomes too much to handle, eventually killing you.   Now this may sound like an extreme example, however, the truth of the matter is that stress can kill, and the older we get the more tuned in we get to how important the way we spend each minute of our day really is.

Of course, we all need to work, and there are some of us, like me, who feel as if they were born to work.  I am saying this to show you that I am not wimping out and telling you that every difficult customer that comes along should be "dismissed".  However, what I am saying is that IT IS OK TO CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOMERS AS MUCH AS THEY CHOOSE YOU.   The world is full of an infinite amount of personalities and temperments, and as it is through this "fine tuning" process that we will get better at which business relationships are just not worth your energy.

Look hard at the types of clients that you are serving.  Who do you REALLY enjoy working with?  Who do you dislike?  By first identifying the kind of clients you want your business to have, you cam work on attracting those specific kinds of people.    HOW?  Quite simply, JUST DROP THE BAD ONES. Call them up and politely tell them that you do not want  to do business with them anymore.
Looking at this quickly from the outside, it may seem like the last thing you should do.  However, by doing this you will come to enjoy your job more and have increased energy and focus for the clients that you do like.

it's very similar to the laws of attraction.  If you keep good, positive clients around, more good clients will come to you.  And, in the end you will be working for the clients that you like with a renewed energy.

Having a positive energy and attitude at your job will spread to others like wildfire. And by no means is anyone saying that you should turn down money making opportunities when things get too hard. Rather, just know that it is OK to be selective, and go with your "gut feeling" sometimes.  The farther you get in your business world, the more you will trust your own instincts, and the more confident you will feel in every decision that you make.

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