Sales Techniques for Handling and Overcoming Sales Objections

Brian Conway
October 11, 2010 — 949 views  
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In the business world, no matter what you do or how good you are, you will always run into sales objections. You of course understand that as rational beings we (even you) have moments where you will question yourself and the sales person that you are talking to in order to assure yourself that you're making the right buying decision.  So as a sales person, objections serve as your obstacles in making a successful sale.  It's a challenge that's present in every sales call, meeting, or business opportunity - a challenge that requires the appropriate sales techniques, applied correctly, in order to become successful.

So how do you possibly get over this challenge? Simple, you rise to every possible occasion. This is not to say that you'd be battling wits with the customer. Objection handling means that you will be finding ways and using specific sales techniques that make the customer see the importance of what you are selling without having to contradict or argue (even in the slightest bit).

Without having to inform or tell you, most probably you already have an idea as to what some of your sales objections would be, but for the sake of the discussion here's some of the most common ones; value of the product and its relation to cost; the effectiveness of the product; the time it would take for the product to be delivered; AND if it will be delivered.

 You are basically dealing with trust and the knowledge of the customer when you are selling.

So how do you get past all those possible questions? Ask them yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer.  For example let's say you are a customer and you are being sold a product.  You may have a few questions: one does the product or service actually works? two, is it worth the price?; and three, why should I buy it now?

If you are at a loss for answers, try asking past, present and possible customers. This will allow you to see far beyond what your product offers in your mind. Asking a warm customer about what they liked about the product, what they hated, the concerns they had/have, and if they have any further questions will bring you closer to results that you want -making a successful sale.  This is the essence of objection handling.

All this information will help you when overcoming sales objections.  When the prospect brings up an obstacle, you'll know exactly what to say to alleviate their worries.  This will also prevent price haggling which devalues your product or service and also the integrity of what you're selling.  Instead of haggling on the price, concentrate on the "real" value of your product instead. Overcoming sales objections will be different for each customer but as long as you are able to sway to any situation, you will be one step closer to making that sale.

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Brian Conway has worked in Sales for over 20 years, both for a large corporate organisation and in his own businesses.  Brian and his sales training company has delivered sales training to Global Blue Chip companies all across the World and wants to bring this knowledge to those that can't afford the big ticket prices of these live training events.

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Brian Conway