Business to Business Sales Techniques

Blair Stover
December 17, 2010 — 1,072 views  
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Looking for surefire ways to boost your business-to-business advertising? You've come to the right place. Below are some time-tested strategies to generate sales. Read on and start selling!

Skip image ads. If you use pictures in your ads, make sure they help sell your products and services. Don't just them put them in the ad because they look nice and colorful. Showing butterflies and oil wells co-existing may help drive the point that your company is concerned about the environment but if it won't convince people to use your products. To generate sales, focus on what people will get from your products.

Spell out the benefits. To grab the reader's attention, use a catchy headline in your ad that clearly says how people will benefit from your products. Putting a benefit in the headline is like a magnet that draws people to call you or make an inquiry. Your headline should always answer the question, "So what?" If you can answer that, you've given the benefits.

Let others know what your product can do. If your product or service can be used in many ways, don't hesitate to say so. When people see how versatile your product is, chances are they will respond. For example, your bar-coding software may not only benefit accountants but even people at the medical records department of a hospital if they know that it can be used to track patients' medical records.

Don't punish people with your ads by making them difficult to read. Time is gold so don't expect people to read through your cluttered ads. Make it short and sweet so people can easily read your ads and get the message quickly.

Use testimonials. People can easily relate to other people and their experiences which explains why testimonials can easily boost sales. While some people expect you to be biased, they trust their peers and honor what they say in your ads. Use statistics to emphasize this, like "9 out of 10 housewives use our brand." No one can sell your products more than happy and satisfied customers. However, don't exaggerate and be sure you support your statistics with facts. Give the full name, title and company affiliation of the person you're quoting or people might think you made everything up.

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