How a Merchant Account Increases Sales

Bob Doneggan
February 10, 2011 — 998 views  
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The basis of any successful internet or e-commerce site today is the way in which they handle there electronic transactions. A majority of the e-commerce related traffic generated is by sites that have a flexible method of accepting payments. Earlier a majority of sites were restricted by the way they accepted there on-line payments, however with the advent of newer payment gateways and on-line transaction sites it is has become essential that webmasters accept almost all major payment methods.

Electronic transfer of funds is fast, effective and the safest way to do business on-line today. On-line transactions have come a long way, the initial transactions were lengthy and required a turn around time of nearly 24 hours. With faster internet connections and safer transaction methods like 128 bit encryption, setting up a merchant account is the smarter way of doing business today. A majority of merchant accounts allow flexible transfer of funds, from credit cards, direct debit transactions and inter merchant account transfers.

Merchant accounts are not only simpler to set up today but they also cater to on-line businesses that are run by a single person. In the past one required to go through a load of red tape to get a certified merchant account and to initiate on-line transactions. The merchant accounts of today have made on-line sales simpler, faster, safer and flexible.

Merchant Accounts and sales

There is a direct correlation between the flexibility in payments and the sales a site notches up. Most users today prefer to be offered flexible methods for electronic payments. Be it a credit card, on-line direct debit or transfers from another merchant account, the need of the hour has always been to offer customers choice. All it takes is today is a small retention fee or a percentage of the transaction, and almost all Merchant accounts allow webmasters to accept multiple payment methods. What this does is it allows users to feel comfortable in transacting with a site and also makes sure that customers have the power of choosing there payment methods.

The faster a site can adapt to newer payment methods the greater the sales it manages. Most merchant accounts today allow webmasters to choose from multiple types of merchant accounts, be it a fixed monthly payment or a percentage of the transactions. In addition since merchant sites offer on-line security in the way of 128 bit encryption, ID theft protection, anti phishing; webmasters today are moving towards to merchant accounts to increase there site sales.

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