The Value of Professionally Done Sales Letters

Mark Thomas
February 14, 2011 — 996 views  
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A substandard, lacking in professionalism, sales letter is often the result of trying to write one yourself from scratch. This is a major problem, because your sales copy says a lot about your company s character.

So, why is it so important to have a good sales letter? Well, for those interested in your product or service, your sales letter will probably be the first thing that they read about it. It is the first impression they will have of your business a first point of contact. Customers will not risk spending money on what you have to offer if your letter contains grammatical and spelling errors, or just does not read very clearly.

Prospective clients will not not read more than a couple of lines of it, if even that, they will simply move on. With the competitive nature of the market, your competition, with their well written sale letters, will benefit from your mistake. In order to gain a competitive edge it is critical to have professionally done sales letters.

At the very least, professionally done sales letters must be free from errors and they must read naturally. Also, you do not want to advertise the death out of your business. The letter should have a purpose other than getting your customer s money.. Giving the impression, whether it be true or not, that you care about building a good relationship with your customers is the aim. Too much sales talk will often actually conversely result in the loss of a sale subtle selling is key.

In addition to reading well, professionally done sales letters must also look good. As insignificant and superficial as they might seem, the fonts and colors that you use, have a major impact on a customer s decision of whether or not to make a purchase from you. Take the time to research this area and look at what colors and fonts your competitors are using.

Exactly what style to use for your sales letter is dependent on the type of industry that you are in. Professional is a subjective term and what is professional in one industry would be considered unprofessional in another. For example, a company selling items for toddlers can get away with using a crayon like font and color scheme, whereas a microcomputer company cannot.

You will need to use specialist computer software to create it. You simply cannot create a professional looking sales letter in any other way. Why spend hours tinkering with word processors and graphics software when programs are designed to handle the task? You can reduce the time you spend writing, formatting, and publishing your sales copy, by using the right software. Making an investment in specialist software to create professionally done sales letters is a cost effective, long term solution.

So, to conclude, first impression is everything in the business world and having even a mediocre sales letter is damaging the progress of your business. Put the time and effort into creating professionally done sales letters you won t be disappointed with the results.
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