Some Assembly Required! Prototypical salesperson isn't typical...How about you?

Craig Harrison
April 26, 2011 — 1,126 views  
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Frankenstein and RoboCop were constructed from scratch. The Bionic Man was reconstructed. How well are you built? Are you designed for sales? Service? Speed? Success? Here's your blueprint for success in 2007.


EYES:   Robo-Seller's eyes see opportunities apparent and otherwise. They see the prospect's current and future needs, see growth potential in all client portfolios, and see their role as central to their clients' long term successes.


EARS:   The prototypical salesperson's ears hear what is said and what isn't. They listen between the lines, hearing meta-messages felt but often unverbalized by their customers. They listen for pain points, fears and emotions as well as for facts, trends and key details.


NOSE:   The attuned and attenuated nose can sniff out sales, sense up- and cross-sell opportunities and similarly recognizes the scents of buyer remorse, reluctance and resistance, and responds accordingly. How developed is your sense of scent?


TONGUE:   You needn't wax poetic but your tongue needs to speak the right words at the right time. Your tongue alternately can spew stats, share facts, speak the language of benefits, outcomes and solutions, and otherwise elucidate. At other times it’s not the answers but rather the questions you pose that hold the key to sales success.


MIND:   The best sales professionals possess a fertile mind. They are alternately strategic, tactical and creative too. They indulge their imagination to constantly ponder "what if…?" and they envision new and ambitious scenarios. They access their third eye, their mind's eye, to project future successes. They feed their mind through reading books, listening to motivational and sales CDs, and gleaning wisdom from related and unrelated fields to model best practices wherever they're found.


SHOULDERS:   Robo-Seller has broad shoulders, the better to manage multiple major accounts. To carry clients the shoulders need to withstand the weight of large volumes of business.


HEART:   Sales champions have the heart of a lion. They put their heart into their work. They commit fully. Robotic salespeople go through the motions but lack the true conviction of their craft. The salesperson with heart always wins the day. Their confidence is derived from cardio-commitment.


SPINE:   The strength of your sales acumen derives ultimately from your spine. Do you have backbone? Are you principled in your approach? What do you stand for? Can you stand tall and strong? How's your resolve?


INTESTINES:   Simply put, the best salespeople have guts! They have the intestinal fortitude to do battle for business. They are in for the long haul. They know there's no glory without guts. And thus they "gut it out!"


FEET:   Your feet will inform your feats. Are you nimble on your feet? Are you fluid? When called upon can you make tracks? Can you walk your talk? Your feet will fulfill your bias to action.



ACHILLES HEEL:   This one you will have to answer for yourself! What is your weakness? Where are you deficient? What course of self-improvement can you pursue to preclude vulnerability? How can you improve as a salesperson in 2007? It's back to the lab for a new and improved version of You!



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Craig Harrison

Expressions of Excellence

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