Seed Planting and Sales - Working Now so the Sales Come Later

Alex Singletary
July 19, 2011 — 1,086 views  
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The problem with "overnight success stories" is they rarely happened over night. That sounds like a great story, partly because it gives people hope that it could happen to them, that one day they will simply wake up a success. They will be famous and powerful millionaires. What they don't realize is that the overnight success that happens for someone took a great deal of time to get there. It took probably years of hard work and determination and being a self-starter and a go-getter and not giving up.


So while it sounds great, and makes for an interesting story in the news, unless someone wins the lottery, riches usually don't happen overnight. (And even with the lottery, think about how many jackpot winners have won after years of playing.) The good news is, they can still have that level of success and finances, and they can do it the same way you are now. As you know, you can become a millionaire and Get Rich.

So What Comes before the Overnight Success


Well, in your case, you probably are already getting a good idea of that. You've done the marketing education, begun you marketing platform, are pro-active in your daily activities and have set up your home and your life to be the foundation of the next great success story. You have taken the initiative to fire your boss and be a self-starter entrepreneur with your own home-based business. And if you haven't yet done some of these because you aren't at that level of commitment, you might want to get started now. Now is the time to really get fired up about this and start creating your own destiny.


Actually, you may even be saying "I have done all of that, and I am not an automatic millionaire yet." That is where patience comes into play. If you keep putting all your effort into your marketing platform, your brand and your career, you can get there. It is exactly like planting seeds, and then watering them and keep them protected from critters and harsh conditions and then one day, the blooms take hold. Just when it seems the entire effort was in vain, the plants come to life. Not just a little, once they begin to sprout they thrive and grow into magnificent plants.


That is exactly what your online direct sales job can be like. You have to have faith and plant. You have to take care and invest hard work even when you cannot yet see the end results. And you have to be proud, thrilled and ready to be a millionaire when the wealth and success bloom as a result of your efforts. And remember, even once those plants begin to blossom, there is still work to be done to maintain and sustain this level of success.

Get Rich. Work From Home. Plant those seeds as you Play Your Best Game.


Alex Singletary has seen that money can be the greatest obstacle in people's path to an abundant life and is driven to help others overcome their circumstances. His knowledge and passion pertaining to this subject was ignited by attending his first financial wealth conference at the age of 14. Alex knows first-hand that great things happen when the intention is in the right place and the desire is great enough. Let Alex show you how to play your best game.

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