They Say Money Is Everything - So How Much Do You Make?

Gerald Grinter
October 11, 2011 — 973 views  
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Okay, I know I'm not supposed to ask this question and my mother is probably rolling over in her grave right now as I type these words. So as the clouds roll in and I ponder how much this lightening strike is going to hurt. Let's talk about this for a minute. When starting your business it is what we all pray for. You know, the day you make that first sale. Then the second sale and third and so on. Hoping the money gods will smile on you forever. But why is this such a taboo topic? Money? We even talk horrible about people who act like they want it. I mean really bad. We call people greedy, money hungry, and my favorite, a capitalist pig. And where on earth did the term "Capitalist Pig" come from anyway. Wait, don't tell me because I don't want to know. Yeah sure, we (meaning the capitalist pigs of course) have done some pretty knarly things in the name of the all mighty dollar. But I ask again, why do we say we want money and act like we don't?

Listen, there are five things to do to make money in business. Number one is "Ask for the money". The second is forget the other 4 (seriously). The number one thing you should do in business is make money...period! Sell your product or service. That is the bottom line. That's the whole reason to be in business, is to turn a profit (for most of us). Then take those profits and enjoy the good life. Oh, yeah let's not forget about the good life. They say money doesn't buy you happiness. This may be true. But it can buy you an Aston Martin so you can drive up really close to it. In all seriousness. Our relationship with money is a "BIG" thing. It is the driver to your success. How you deal with money makes all of the difference in the world between making a lot and none at all. This is just as HUGE as not doing all of the things that make us money. Allowing the distraction of friends, family and phone calls to distract our focus from the necessary to-do's of the day. Developing a business consciousness is as critical as a money consciousness to getting things done and creating the atmosphere that puts money in your bank account.

Making money is no laughing matter. And I'll be the first to not mince words here when I tell you I want to make a lot of it. I'm still the same nice guy I've always been, but the one thing I know now more than ever is I want my business to do well. The one indicator that your business is thriving, is money. Next is having a clientele that you can keep for a long, long time, that give me money. So you can provide outstanding service and grow my business so you can get more customers who give me money. So you can give a lot if it away to non-profits and do even more with, to make the world a better place (and yes, I do volunteer at a non-profit as a business mentor). There I said it. Now, let's look into this a little further. The truth is, what you do with the money you make matters. Whether you buy more inventory to grow and expand your business or spend it all on a Porsche. It matters. It's also okay to talk about. I bet most of us don't say the word "money" once in a week. Listen to yourself over the course of the next week. The only time you even part your lips to say anything about money is to (a) complain that you don't have any. (b) Pray for more, because you don't have any and (c) only talk about it when someone else starts the conversation (and they are probably complaining about not having any). Then, when we do say we say it, we say it like we are scared of it. Let's be real. We are scared of it. I'll be the first to admit it. I've never had the amount of money I dream of making. I'm doing pretty much everything in my power to get there. But I've mumbled and fumbled my way around the word before as well. It's a pretty funny site. I look and feel like I'm ten years old all over again asking my father for a quarter to get some candy at the corner store.

Which brings me to my last point. I
remember having a rough time with this one too. When someone asks you how much it "cost". Be proud of what you sell. Know that it has value, and they wouldn't be asking "how much it costs" if they weren't interested. Even if they are doing research, they are calculating what it is worth to them. We've all heard this in every sales seminar and workshop ever attended. "Ask for the money". The reason we are so afraid to ask, is our relationship with money gets in the way. We've been taught to not...let me rephrase that, "NEVER" talk about money. You don't want people to think you need it (my mother would whisper). Ah, mom. I need it and I want it. How else am I going to pay for my next smoothie? After all, we don't want to look greedy now do we? I'm not going Gordon Gekko here but, we put all this great energy into our presentations and then mumble our way through asking for the one thing we came there to get...MONEY! I don't know, maybe we are being lazy and think that since we pulled an all-nighter and created this brilliant power point presentation that it will magically put them into so much of a trance that they will just blindly hand their wallet to you and say "Go ahead, take as much as you want. Just leave me bus fare to take the Metro home". Negative! It rarely happens that way. You must Ask! Ask! Ask! Sometimes they say "no" and sometimes they say "yes". But as my father always said, the answer is always "NO" when you don't ask. I know this is a touchy subject and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on business and making money. Feel free to share yours. I'd love to hear them. Til, next time. May you laugh all the way to the bank.


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