Are You Memorable? 3 Simple Steps Help You Make Sure

Meridith Elliott Powell
December 13, 2011 — 932 views  
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I have been traveling a lot lately, speaking and presenting and meeting so many people. Some who have really impacted me, some who have not, some I feel I have just started a relationship with, and others I know I will most likely never see again. All of this interaction, has made me question why? Why are some people memorable and others are not? And does it matter? Do we need to be memorable?

In a world and a market that is terribly overcrowded and one in which the consumer is in control, how important is it that we make an impact? How important is it that we are memorable? I would say down right critical if you want to grow your business, excel in your job, and reach new levels of success.

To get ahead in a shifting economy you have to standout from the pack, above the crowd, and be someone people remember. Face it, there are a "gazillion" people who do what you do, and who offer what you do. So what makes you different? Why should people think about you over the competition?

There are a lot of marketing techniques, ideas and strategies that will help you brand your product or service, but to brand yourself as someone worth remembering follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Smile – Wow sounds so simple and so easy, yet so few people do it. Why? I am not sure, but next time you are at the airport, grocery store or a crowded mall, watch people and notice how few people smile. Then notice the ones that do. Smiling is one of the most powerful tools we have to make people feel good about you, connected to you, and make you worth remembering.

2. Be Approachable – In other words make eye contact, ask questions and really engage people. In other words good ole fashion manners. When you are someone that  takes a genuine interest in others, when people believe you listen, then people believe you care. And people who care are worth remembering.

3. Be Kind – There is nothing like a random act of kindness to keep you top of mind. Simple things, like letting someone go ahead of you in line, offering to help someone lift a bag, or giving someone a compliment can have such an impact on others. Kindness not only renders you memorable to the person you are helping, but it renders you memorable to have everyone who is watching.

So is it important to be memorable? Yes, but not only because you want to grow your business and stand out from your competition, but because following these three simple steps will make your life worth remembering.



Meridith Elliott Powell

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