How Situational Fluency Creates Sales

Dean Hambleton
December 27, 2011 — 1,148 views  
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"Situational fluency" is a salesman knowing why a customer needs their product. The great thing about social media is that salesmen are taught that they must become friends with their customers. Modern salesmen are now trained to be problem solvers.

A modern sales presentation is a salesman coming to their good friend with a solution to a friends' vexing problem. Salesmen have to prepare their presentations if they are to be effective. A salesman must know how a customer works with and without the salesman's product. The salesman must be aware of their product selection. A salesman must know how their product matches up with how the particular customer operates their life. Keep in mind this basic formula. For a presentation to be even necessary, a problem must exist. For a sale to be made, a solution to that problem must be presented.

A great salesman knows how to create a presentation, situationally. A salesman must know their customers present situation. A father comes to a dealer's lot. He wants to buy a car for his daughter's graduation present. As I write this in November of 2011, a professional salesman would know that the driving issue for this parent would be the safety of their daughter, an inexperienced driver, who does young girl things, like text. Safety would be more important than price. A salesman knows that he can get a sale, and charge a premium if he can convince that dad of the safety of his cars.

The salesman and the father know that modern girls text and communicate with their friends through social media. This is going to happen. A product must be presented to the dad that makes texting and social media safe. There is a car company that has developed a model that allows a driver to bring their social media devices inside the car and hook them up, and speak to their friends. The spoken word takes the form of text and is sent to the girl's friend. The product, the car, has solved a significant problem, for the dad, safety. The car is also stylishly designed, and is affordable. This particular company offers 0% financing. In this case, a sale should be made because the salesman has offered a product that connects to the situation of the buyer. The situation being safety.

Situation sellers have relationship building skills. These skills are developed over a long period to time. A seller must "friend" their customer. To be successful, a seller must engage a customer in many touch points over a long period of time. In this particular case, the seller knew the life style of modern girls; he understood the concern of a parent. In selling this same customer a car for his wife, the situation will change. The driving sales points are different for a mature woman and her family needs than for a young girl's first car.


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