How to Handle Objections Using Listening Skills

Alen Mayer
January 24, 2012 — 953 views  
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As a sale representative there are occasions when you will face opposition from a prospective client. This article will provide you with some specific tools and guidelines to use when you are faced with the dilemma of how to handle objections.

To begin with, concerns from customers are a part of sales, and it is vital to you as a sales personto know how to handle objections as they come up. Common objections include:

  • "I can't afford it."
  • "I already have one."
  • "My partner/boss isn't interested."
  • "It doesn't have the features I'm seeking."
  • "I need to think about it."

The following tools will help you as a sales representative in nearly any objection scenario:

1. Keep your emotions in check. Don't become angry or argumentative. Your initial reaction might be one of defensiveness. Instead take a moment to catch your breath and think about what the customer is saying to you.


2. Actively listen to your customer. Active listening involves direct eye contact, open body language, and your complete attention.

3. Repeat the customers concerns back to him/her. "So, what I'm hearing is that the only reason you don't want to buy is because of the cost?" Use of this technique will help to clarify the customers concerns and on some occasions make any underlying concerns come to the surface so that you can address those.

4. Once you feel confident that you know the real objection allow the person to elaborate on it. Nod your head, repeat their concern, and be understanding. "So, if I could lower the cost to X you would buy?"

5. Now that you understand it, respond to the objection. You may not be in a position to lower the cost. Go back to the value of your product. "Yes, the price on this is rather high, but in comparison to other models it has… which will benefit you in this way."

6. Make sure the customer has a clear grasp on your product and the value it can bring to his company. And then you can go in for the close. "Now that you see how the benefits outweigh the costs, we can go ahead. Shall I get the paperwork started?"

The ability to know how to handle objections is essential for success as a sales person. Learn these techniques and your success rate will go up.



Alen Mayer

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