What to look for in the sales recruitment process

Kai Thorpe
February 14, 2012 — 895 views  
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You will probably have a vague idea of what traits you expect new employees to have. However, a list of desired qualities will give you a starting point for writing a job advertisement or beginning the interview process.

When recruiting staff it will be important to take note of most of the following:

• Drive - Competitive people make the best salespeople, so this is an important trait. Competitiveness should be clear in an interview, as the interview process itself is a competitive one. Try asking interviewees about their successes in previous sales jobs, or their proudest moments in life. Proud moments will show whether a person is competitive, as their priority moments will be in surpassing others' achievements. A competitive person may claim their greatest achievement is one where they got the highest grade or got the best sales figures. A non-competitive person, however, will state their greatest achievement as something like passing university with a good grade. Competitive people have extra drive due to their desire to beat the competition.

• Urgency - In the sales recruitment process you should look for urgency. People who have a sense of urgency will be punctual and eager to talk a lot. They will be organised with a clear idea of what they are going to say, as urgency goes hand-in-hand with being prepared and organised. Make sure that make valid points and appear dynamic and energetic.

• Self-motivation - A successful sales recruitment interviewee should show initiative; perhaps by researching thoroughly about your business, product or service. Self-motivated people will also appear organised and prepared, arriving with plenty of time to spare, in a neat appearance, and perhaps with a portfolio or printed documents with directions to your office. Motivation is important in sales. Ask your interviewee for an example of when they have exceeded expectations or done more than what was asked of them.

• Sociability - It is easy to assess how sociable someone is during an interview. Conversation should flow easily, even when the interviewee is put on the spot. They should smile when they talk, as this is heard on the phone and makes a person seen friendlier and therefore more trustable. Your interviewee should appear to enjoy talking to you, despite an interview being an unnatural situation.

• Assertiveness - Perhaps the interviewee will try to take control of the conversation. Although perhaps frustrating, assertiveness is a positive trait and important in sales recruitment. Assertiveness is key to persuasiveness - one of the most important traits. Their level of persuasiveness, along with these other traits, will help you to make a decision.

The interview process of recruitment is perhaps more important in sales recruitment than in any other business. Salespeople are expected to sell; so they should be able to sell themselves too.




Kai Thorpe

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