How the Consistency Technique Can Boost Your Sales

A.L. Royce
March 13, 2012 — 946 views  
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There are a multitude of psychological triggers that motive, inspire and influence prospective customers to make a purchase. Surprisingly, many of these techniques are often unknown to even the most experienced salespeople. Awareness of these triggers can be a powerful weapon in the battle to turn prospects into customers.

Sometimes the trigger may be simply changing a few words at the end of a full-page ad. This may not seem like a big deal, but in some cases, it can actually double the response. Imagine doubling your sales effort with just one trigger. Likewise, you might be able to triple your click rate on an ad by added a few key words to a headline.

One often-overlooked trigger you should include in your sales process is consistency. In direct sales, one of the most important things you can do to close the deal is to make it extremely easy for a prospect to execute a purchase, regardless of how small it may be. It's crucial that the commitment be simple, small and relevant with the prospect's needs.

Once the commitment is made and the prospect becomes a customer, the psychological dynamic changes. There is now an added level of commitment and consistency, turned in your favor, to "persuade" future purchases.

A good example is a TV infomercial, where you make a call to place your order. The salesperson takes your order, confirms the details and then provides your total. It is at that point the rep then says, "And you do want the weight loss pills to go with that Ab-Flex machine, don't you?" You automatically say "Yea, why not?" The additional charge is added to your order. "And you'll also want our Ab Meal Plan booklet, won't you?"

Once you are committed with the order, you tend to act consistently with the commitment. So you nod your head in agreement.

The key point to remember is to always make that first sale simple. Once the prospect makes the commitment to buy, you can then easily offer upsales to increase the order size. This concept works for mail order as well as in-person sales. When the initial order is kept ultra simple, the chances of getting an additional sale typically jumps by more than 50 percent, depending on the nature of the additional offer.

Bottom line: Once you are committed to a sale, your future course of action remains consistent with your decision. As a customer, you are now inclined to buy more due simply to your original commitment to purchase. Whether you're selling online or at a retail store in the mall, this trigger can easily boost your per customer sales totals by a significant amount.



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