Ten Cold Calling Tips

March 30, 2012 — 1,030 views  
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If your job requires you to do some cold calling, consider how these simple tips and suggestions may help.

1. Stick with it - Although cold calling is tough when you're new at it, stay with it because you should get better with time.

2. No doesn't always mean no - Just because a customer says no, doesn't mean you have to end the call.

3. Don't get discouraged - You're going to get some negative feedback, keep your chin up.

4. Stick to the script when necessary - A script will keep your focused and tell you how to respond next.

5. Don't always stick to the script - Try not to be robotic in your sales pitches. Sound like a human.

6. Personalize the call - Try to do a little research on the people you are calling. Personalization can go a long way.

7. Be polite - Everyone will not be kind when you call them. No matter what, it is important that you remain polite, respectful and professional.

8. Keep going - Even if you get a lot of deals right away, keep going with your planned number of calls for the day.

9. Watch your tone - Keep your voice up instead of flat.

10. Take breaks - Give yourself breaks so you don't fall into a slump during the day.