Five Cross Selling Strategies that Work

April 3, 2012 — 992 views  
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Cross selling strategies allow you to increase profits by selling among related, established clients or selling additional products or services to an existing customer. It is a vital technique for business growth and success. Additionally, it allows a company to provide a client with the products that best suit its customers' needs and shows that you care about their satisfaction.

1. Communicate - Ask clients questions and learn more about their goals. Open communication will help you determine what products and services are best for them and allow you to make appropriate recommendations.

2. Be informative, yet limited - Don't overwhelm customers by telling them about every single product and service you offer. Understand what they do and need and make recommendations based on this knowledge.

3. Bundle services and products - By packaging services and products, you make it easy for a client to see what items go together and how they can benefit from purchasing all of them. This will increase the value of the sale and provide the customer with a more extensive and satisfying service.

4. Don't be pushy, make suggestions - Don't make your customers feel pressured into buying other products. Simply suggest they consider items that similar clients purchased.

5. Offer alternatives - If customers aren't interested in one cross-sell you offer, suggest another. Take your time and don't appear too eager to close the sale.