Five Upsell Strategies that Work

March 26, 2012 — 977 views  
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The key to your company's success is increasing profits, and upselling will not only expand profits and contribute to growth but also allow your customers to purchase other items or services they need. Therefore, consider these upsell strategies that work.

1. Offer an upgrade - When you go to a fast food restaurant and the large fries are just a few cents more, you often can't help but upgrade your meal. The same should be true for your customers. Once a customer has committed to the sale, explain to them how if they take but one more small leap, they can receive an enhanced product or service.

2. Offer bundles and packages - Create bundles that the customer can purchase, and make sure the services go together logically. Consider how you likely obtain your television, internet and phone services together through one provider. Bundle your products in the same fashion to better the sale.

3. Offer discounts for adding products to an order - Provide your customers with a discount on the entire order if they purchase certain items, or if their total costs exceed a certain amount.

4. Suggest complementary products - If there are other products or services similar to the ones purchased, suggest they add them to the order.

5. Provide a warranty or guarantee - This can increase the value of the sale and make your customers feel secure in their purchase.