Sales Negotiation Techniques

April 3, 2012 — 1,048 views  
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In order to increase sales and boost profits, you'll have to understand some basic sales negotiation techniques. Any good salesperson knows the importance of being able to read others and adapt to their needs. By communicating with a customer, listening and asking questions, you can help them feel secure enough to make a purchase and move the negotiation process along.

Asking introductory questions of a client allows you to set the stage for negotiations. Find out as much as you can about the individual or organization so you can offer products and services that best suit their needs and understand how much they're expecting to spend. Knowing their budget, price expectations and what they think will be included in the product or service will help you throughout the sales process.

You should also know how you are going to respond to common objections in your sales presentation. The more informed you are about the client and the service you are pitching, the better equipped you will be to do this. Because you have been aware of all necessary information about the client's expectations from the start, you will be able to prepare for and properly address any objections with ease.