5 Traits of Successful Sales People

April 16, 2012 — 1,014 views  
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Working in sales can be an exciting experience. Salespeople who effectively communicate with clients often affect the success and profit margins of their companies, and having the proper skills is essential. Here are five successful sales traits of professionals in the industry today.

1.) Passion. Salespeople must be passionate about their work and what they're selling. If they don't fully support the product, service or cause, the customer will be able to tell and won't be encouraged to purchase anything.

2.) Setting goals. In the sales industry, it's all about reaching numbers. Effective professionals are avid goal-setters and put all of their efforts toward surpassing those benchmarks. When it comes to a highly successful career in this field, meeting numbers is essential.

3.) Assertiveness. Every sales professional needs to be assertive in his or her approach. This trait allows a salesperson to move transactions forward without offending or frustrating customers. There needs to be a balance between passivity and aggressiveness in today's marketplace.

4.) Self-awareness. A sales professional needs to be able to control his or her emotions. A salesperson becomes more efficient when he or she can empathize with buyers, support clients and sell confidently when reaching out to leads.

5.) Problem-solving skills. Somewhere down the line, an associate will run into a few problems. An effective sales professional understands how to negotiate and work toward solutions in order to maintain client relationships.

Salespeople rely on superior communication skills and professionals looking to be a part of the industry may want to focus their attention on improving their work ethic to improve numbers and appreciate success.