The Importance of Relationships in Sales

April 18, 2012 — 991 views  
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If you were to consult with an entrepreneur, discussing your most valuable business asset, you'd both come to agree that it is your network of clients. Many successful business professionals preach about the importance of building rapport with leads in hopes of improving sales relationships and reaching higher conversion rates.

However, building trust with contacts can be difficult, and many would argue it requires a sensitive approach. While working with clients can produce lucrative results including higher sales rates and future networking possibilities, a certain assertiveness needs to be present in every discussion. Salespeople who attempt to build rapport with prospective buyers without first laying out the goals of the relationships with customers may not be able to close deals in the future. When friendship gets in the way of business, quotas aren't always met.

Instead, salespeople need to exercise a push and pull strategy, one that presents a pitch and works toward converting a lead to a sale. This can be done in many ways, and more often than not an honest approach to negotiations can be effective. The best sales associate becomes a client's friend through the business relationship, not the other way around, so tailoring every talk to focus on potential deals can make the biggest difference.