Developing an Effective Portfolio

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May 25, 2012 — 1,012 views  
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A portfolio is a dynamic, effective tool in any industry. For sales professionals, it is used to aptly display a solid client base that will ideally result in a continued revenue stream for the future. Winning new business and keeping services central to the needs of clients is important to any business or professional.


Often, the best way to attract or clinch a new sale is to prove the quality of the services to the potential customer. The best way to do this is to show a material or service in action by providing access to current client samples with a sales portfolio.


Portfolio development starts with collecting the names and materials created and finalized for past clients. Once gathered, select a few industry name brands or those fitting specialized services that the company offers. Try to artfully craft a message with examples that speak to potential clients, while also being professional and informative.


Examples should be both innovative and express the range of services offered. Overall, it should establish the company or individual as an industry leader by being on the ground floor as the market develops and trends become the norm.


Make sure to include any awards or industry recognition the service, product, company or you have gained, if relevant. However, a potential new client may be even more impressed with viewing accompanying sales data and hard numbers. Charts and graphs can effectively show quotas being met or exceeded. These figures can span days, weeks, quarters and even years if needed.


Consider presenting examples from a client portfolio via the internet in order to gain more attention from your target audience. By displaying key points with links to materials, effectiveness measurements and testimonials, a business can increase close ratio and speak effectively toward a client with a proven and systematic selling process.


Not only will this potentially make the entire process easier on the sales team, but it also could improve the potential client’s sales experience.


Develop an effective sales portfolio that will differentiate your business from the rest of the competition. A high-quality client portfolio can help a company negotiate new prospects and close more sales.

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