Top Techniques Every Territory Manager Should Know

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June 1, 2012 — 1,024 views  
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Properly employing management techniques can increase a sales professional’s ability to succeed. Appropriately applying sales management tactics can decrease running back and forth between various parties and improve communication.


According to Sales Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips, the benefits of effective time and territory management include less stress, lower expenses, account growth, higher sales, improved income and healthier interpersonal relationships in the workplace.


Here are four techniques every territory manager should know:


1. Manage geography wisely. As the global connectivity of the marketplace increases, territory is growing to include larger regional areas and being covered by less people. However, while technology has allowed improved communication, having proximity to a geographic area can’t be discounted as unimportant. A territory manager can increase the effectiveness of resources by assigning regions to employees by their locations. In addition to dividing areas by representatives, remember to include the strengths of employees, products, industries or other particulars that can impact the success of a sales team.

2. Set quarterly or annual goals. Spend time to outline team-wide goals and then create individual client benchmarks to give a sales team a clearer perspective of what needs to be done. Whether more focus needs to be dedicated toward follow-up procedures or increasing sales, setting achievable goals can improve overall performance.

3. Adopt effective tools. Implementing the right tools can reduce time waste and increase profitability. Territory management can easily become a reactionary game. However, by concentrating on using every mechanism to its full potential, a professional can plan accordingly and reduce the time spent reacting to emergencies. Stay current and accessible to clients and employees by using devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. By synching all three, information can be shared to whatever tool you have in your hand.

4. Schedule time for contemplation. Blocking out a set time period for yourself can increase efficiency and reduce the chance someone will interrupt. Scheduling time for contemplating plans of action can give you the opportunity to craft strategies and evaluate the success or failures of programs already in place. Careful contemplation reduces stress and can increase the success of initiatives for the long term.

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