Asking Questions to Close the Deal

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June 26, 2012 — 966 views  
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Every sales professional knows closing the deal typically means maintaining interaction with the client throughout the entire process, right down to the closing. Sales is about working any conversation and interaction in a way that is constantly moving toward closing the deal, and this interaction requires asking the right questions in order to keep moving the process along. As a sales professional or an account manager, it's important to know what sales questions you should be asking to get your job done quickly and effectively, and thereby bringing profits into the company and often increasing your commission.

One of the most important things you should remember is that you shouldn't give the client a chance to say no to the product or service. This requires essential sales techniques, one of which is asking the correct questions from the beginning. When you begin a conversation with the client, ask them which option or options they want. This is a better alternative than asking if they want the product because it allows them to envision ownership, explains the Houston Small Business Chronicle.

This sales technique can be applied to the most basic of businesses. For example, if a person walks into a salon to get information about the services offered, the owner might say, is Friday a good day for you to come in for an appointment?  Rather than asking if the person would like to come in for a haircut or what day of the week would be good for them, the owner makes it easier to say yes by implying that they wanted to come in and that Friday is a good time.

If a client isn't ready to commit, give them a chance to ask questions. Encourage him or her to ask questions by asking what they think so far about the product or service, if they think it would be a viable solution for their company, how it would be a benefit for them and why they need that particular feature.

Don't be afraid to ask if they have any questions so far, this is one of the most important things you can say to close the deal, but even the most seasoned inside sales professionals sometimes forget it. Listen to what they have to say and be prepared to respond with thorough answers. Finally, when a client commits to purchasing, ask if they are going to pay with check or credit, instead of asking if they are going to pay today. This can help move the sale into closing faster and more efficiently.

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