Developing a Cold Calling Script

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August 17, 2012 — 1,185 views  
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There are few things harder than making a sales call to someone who isn't expecting, nor typically excited about receiving, a pitch. Unfortunately, cold calls are one of the most common forms of selling. The best sales people can turn this potentially uncomfortable situation into a successful campaign, but it's never easy.

There are a few things, though, that can improve the success rate of a cold call. One of the most effective is a strong sales pitch. With a well-polished and carefully crafted speech, it is possible to make your audience comfortable and increase the chance that he or she will be receptive to your offer.

Drafting the right pitch isn't easy. To do it well, you must understand what you're selling, common traits of typical recipients and effective language techniques. Ideally, a sales pitch is tailored perfectly to both you and your product or service, but there are certain elements that link all strong pitches.

Here are a few tips for developing a great cold calling script.

Get to the point

If you lose your audience, the chance of persuading them to accept your offer is negligible at best. Therefore, it is important to get to your point quickly, ideally with a catchy or unique opening line.

While it is important to build rapport and engage your audience, you can't do this at the expense of speaking directly and urgently to them. Their time is valuable, and you need to demonstrate that you recognize this by making your points quickly and directly.

Ask questions

The success of your pitch ultimately rests on the information you extract from your subject. Toward the beginning of the call, ask the right questions to elicit answers that will establish a need for your product. The more you know about what your audience's life is like and how your product could improve it, the easier it is to get to a point where you can close the deal.

Use bold statements

After you've extracted the answers you need to demonstrate the benefits of your product, it is time to begin selling.

When attempting to sell something, it is imperative that you recognize the benefits of it in simple and straightforward terms. This benefit - whether it is how a product will improve your life or how a service will save you time and money - should be converted into a strong and direct statement.

Though they will not be effective every time, these steps could help you convert a large percentage of your cold calls.

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