Top 5 Techniques for a Successful Sales Call

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August 21, 2012 — 1,050 views  
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Like any craft, sales requires plentiful preparation and a good strategy. Although improvisation can play a part in a successful sales call, the main ingredient is always preparation.

For this reason, people spend years honing their pitch and adapting it to achieve ever-greater success. With so much hard work and hard-won gains, it shouldn't be surprising that many sales people keep their best tricks tight to their vest.

However, some of these tactics inevitably make their way around. Here are the five best tried-and-true cold calling techniques that have been employed by successful sales people around the world.

A good introduction

With the proper introduction, your audience will not be able to get immersed in the call. Develop a greeting that sounds natural and professional, and practice until it rolls naturally off your tongue.

Furthermore, no one appreciates being misled, so make sure you fully explain who you are and why you're calling. With the right words and order, it is possible to provide all this information without immediately causing the listener to become distrustful.

Speaking technique

In phone sales, your voice is your best ally, most useful tool and most potent weapon. Just like a politician or orator, you should know how to enunciate correctly, vary your pace and adjust your tone to keep your audience engaged. Paying close attention to how you speak and how your rhythms and cadences affect the listener can help you build rapport and develop trust.

Let them talk

With that said, it is as important to know when to pause as it is to know how to speak. The best pitches feel more like conversations than conversions, so it is best to allow your interlocutor to participate with questions, comments or concerns.

Be courteous

Always remember that your audience can end the call at any time. Because of this, express your gratitude at the fact that they are listening and interacting with you. Politeness can go a long way toward making someone feel warm and ready to listen.

Schedule a meeting

If these techniques have resulted in a receptive audience, it is imperative that you parlay this into a scheduled meeting. Once he or she has expressed interest, let your target know that a follow-up meeting will help you provide them with the best service. Make sure to let them know that the meeting is at their discretion and demonstrate your flexibility and excitement. 

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