Closing the Big Sale: Four Tips

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September 27, 2012 — 1,059 views  
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Sales professionals who work with big ticket items, such as real estate
properties or luxury vehicles, must work hard in order to consistently make big
sales. Many sales professionals struggle for years before hitting their stride
and learning how to land significant sales. While there is definitely a
learning curve in the world of sales, you can get ahead of it by learning a few
simple sales strategies. Keep the four following tips in mind when working to
close that big sale. Don't forget that you must remain passionate about
your product throughout the sales process.

Identify The Real Decision Makers

The first step in any big sale is identifying the real decision maker or
makers. Imagine that a salesperson is dealing with a group of 10 real estate
investors. The salesperson must identify the group's leader and open strong
communications with that individual. It is important that you stress the value
of your product to the key decision maker or makers. If you are working with
partners or a couple, give both equal attention but tailor your sales pitch to
the partner who appears to be in charge. 

Be Timely when Providing Clients with Requested Information

If you're selling high-ticket items, you are likely to encounter many potential
buyers who request further information about your product. Be sure to provide
clients with a timeline for getting information to them and always follow
your timeline. Meeting your deadlines with potential buyers communicates that
you are trustworthy. It also communicates that you respect your clients and
strive to make an upfront, honest deal. 

Connect Potential Buyers with Satisfied Clients

If you are working with potential buyers who are having a tough time deciding
on a purchase, you may wish to put them in touch with other satisfied clients.
Maintain a list of clients who are willing to speak with potential buyers on
your behalf. Assure potential buyers that you do not compensate former clients
in any way for their recommendations or endorsements. 

Don't Relax Until The Deal is Done

It is absolutely essential that you stay on the top of your sales game until
all paperwork connected to a big sale is signed and the deal is officially
closed. Getting excited too early can lead to the loss of the sale. Be sure to
provide buyers with a consistent level of service from the first day you meet
them until the day you close the sale.

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