Keys to a Successful Phone Selling Campaign

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October 18, 2012 — 1,054 views  
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Keys to a Successful Phone Selling Campaign

Inside phone sales representatives play an important role in the success of the company's sales team. Inside sales reps often team up with outside sales reps. The goal of the inside sales rep is to make a qualified appointment. The outside sales rep's goal is to make a sale on a qualified appointment. These two teams working together can create a successful phone selling campaign. 

Qualifying Appointments

One of the things outside salespeople dislike most is to go on an unqualified appointment. This simply means that the potential customer was not a candidate for the sales rep's particular product or service. Many times these appointments result in the prospect suddenly not being available for the appointment. 

Qualifying appointments should be made by the inside sales rep by asking key questions. The sales script should be developed to include qualifying questions such as, whether or not the prospect is genuinely interested in learning more about the product or service. Many times inside sales reps are not really listening to the prospect. 

It can be easy for the inside sales rep to miss the fact that the prospect just wanted to get off the phone. Experienced inside sales reps can tell the difference between a prospect who is truly interested in their product or service versus one that is not. The sales manager usually trains the sales team and develops the sales script. Inside sales training should include training methods that teach the sales team how to qualify an appointment. 

Contact Management Software

Contact management software is a program that allows sales reps the ability to gain access to the company's prospect list. The software also allows sales reps to make key notes about the prospect and sales appointment details. Most companies rely on contact management software to provide key statistics about their sales. The software also has helpful analytic capabilities that benefits the sales reps. 

Inside Versus Outside Sales

Companies often use the combination of inside and outside sales reps to make the best use out of each team's strengths and weaknesses. Most inside sales reps enjoy setting appointments and talking on the phone. On the other hand, most outside sales reps enjoy going on appointments, but don't like making their own appointments. 

The Numbers Game

To make a qualified appointment, the inside sales team must make a lot of phone calls. Experienced sales pros know their calling ratio. They know how many calls they must make in order to get an appointment. This is where the numbers game shows up. The inside sales team must make enough calls to set quality appointments.


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