Stay Motivated with 7 Easy Steps

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December 11, 2012 — 942 views  
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Stay Motivated with 7 Easy Steps

Many businessmen and sales professionals may find it a challenge to stay motivated in order to increase productivity, build better repertoire with customers, and meet goals. Here are a few easy steps to help you stay motivated.

1. Always think positive. Positive reinforcement has proven to affect the outcome of more favorable results. Constantly remind yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals. Focus on everything that you enjoy about your profession. Reminding yourself of past success may help promote positive thinking.

2. Have fun. Create a game that will allow you to challenge yourself to outdo previous performances. This will help increase the enjoyment that you experience while doing your job. If necessary, involve co-workers in your challenges. This can be done by simply creating a team and striving for a common goal.

3. Give yourself a personal reward. Rewarding yourself for meeting a goal or exceeding expectations is the perfect form of motivation. Maybe you can treat yourself to something new that you've always wanted. Personal rewards are the best rewards because you get exactly what you want.

4. Avoid negative people. Negative people can lower your mood or cause levels of anxiety. It's important to remain in a healthy environment with happy people who have positive outlooks on life.

5. Eliminate negative thoughts. If you have ever reprimanded yourself for not meeting your own expectations or have felt extreme doubt, this behavior must be reversed immediately. In order to eliminate negative thoughts, pay attention to how negative thoughts make you feel. If you begin to feel discouraged, take time to focus on your last thought. Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions which ultimately result in negative outcomes. Positive thoughts lead to positive emotions and increase the likelihood of success.

6. Set realistic goals. Setting and accomplishing goals are commonly known motivating factors. Professionals feel more motivated knowing that have met expectations. Implement a plan to keep a track of the goals that you set and accomplish.

7. Strive for recognition. Most companies recognize employees that have exhibited higher levels of accomplishment. Imagine yourself receiving the award for the best performance. Reminding yourself that your dedication and hard work will not go unrecognized will increase your motivation. Speak with past award recipients to get advice on how to increase your performance.

These tips will help professionals stay motivated in order to meet goals and increase productivity. Being motivated is the first step to a succeeding in your career.


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