Using YouTube as a Sales Tool

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February 12, 2013 — 895 views  
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The world of marketing is saturated with ideas, strategies, suggestions, and methods to increase sales. Of the many tried and tested formulas to achieve sales success, several have become mundane, repeated, and obvious. This is precisely the reason why individuals do not sign up for newsletters, open ad-mails in their inbox, or click on links or ads on websites.

Though the response to marketing and sales strategies has reduced, the need for increased sales has not. This is why organizations and individuals need to adopt new methods to reach audience. The sales world needs a fresh approach, and the consumers notice and appreciate innovative practices. This is where YouTube becomes invaluable as a sales tool, apart from being a social networking site with millions of users and a broadcasting tool that anyone can use free of cost. Therefore, YouTube is essentially a consumer base and a broadcasting base rolled into one.

Use YouTube for Sales

YouTube is a unique medium. Unlike traditional mediums that require significant investments and structured methods to broadcast your message, YouTube is dynamic. It allows you to interact directly with your consumers, obtain real-time feedback, and it is free. It has a greater reach than other social networking sites because users of YouTube need not be its members to watch a video. This is where YouTube triumphs greatly. Considering its many positive features, here are some points to consider when using this tool effectively.

1. Understand your consumers: YouTube has millions of users and the best way to reach your consumers is to make and broadcast videos that will appeal to your target audience. If you want to target a younger audience, make videos that are light-hearted, comical, and funny. If you want to target more serious audiences, instructional and descriptive videos will benefit you. A quick search on YouTube itself will help you understand what types of videos are popular among different sets of people.

2. Keyword usage: With millions of views and thousands of videos being uploaded everyday, YouTube can seem like a reservior of random videos. Finding a related video is like finding a needle in a haystack. Using appropriate keywords to link your videos and and in the names of your videos, will help audiences find your videos in search results. Adding a relevant description and tags to your video can also help your visibility.

3. Update your channel: Your channel is your address in the YouTube sphere. Nothing can be established if users do not visit your channel. A good way to ensure that users and viewers visit your channel is to regularly update it. Your channel will remain current if you post new videos regularly. This will in turn increase you visibility, encourage viewers to watch them. Such increased exposure will result in increased sales.

4. Building Buzz: Encouraging viewers to comment and discuss will increase your exposure. Ask viewers to follow you on twitter, ‘like’ your facebook pages or join you on Google+. Provide links to your blog or website, and if you don’t have one, create it. Visibility is an important aspect in achieveing sales. As you encourage interaction, you increase your product recall value and this will ensure increased sales. Promote your videos within YouTube itself. Link to other videos and stay active. Embed your videos on your website, email links of your videos, and post them on social networking sites.

Why is YouTube Effective as a Sales Tool?

YouTube is effective as a sales tool for three reasons: Firstly, the best way to achieve higher sales is to reach more people with your message. The best way to do this is by broadcasting your message using a medium that is popular. Secondly, a popular medium gives you maximum exposure. The increase in exposure to your product will increase your sales figures. Thirdly, cost of using a medium can greatly affect the amount of profits you make. YouTube as a sales tool is a prefect combination of the above-mentioned factors. It is popular because it is an interactive medium, it ensures maximum exposure as millions of people use it, and most importantly, it is free.

Sales Pro Source