How Do You Get a Meeting with the Decision-makers?

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February 27, 2013 — 907 views  
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If you are a salesperson, you should know that you have got to reach the decision-maker in order for your sale to be closed. The decision-maker is the only one who has the authority to decide on buying what you are selling. But reaching the decision-maker is not an easy task. You have to get past the administrative staff of the decision-maker to get through to them. The sales gimmicks that you have heard about will not work, so don’t try them. Those gimmicks will only offend the administrative people, and you don’t want that if you want to get past them. Here are some useful tips.

Direct Contact

Decision-makers are really busy people who have no time to think about new products or features. To be able to get through to them, you should think like them and ask yourself what decision-makers really want. They don’t like to spare time for sales representatives, but have enough time for consultants. So learn to act like a consultant and address the most important issues that are on a decision-maker’s mind – reduced costs, reduction in downtime, increased productivity, and a higher competitive advantage. And just passing the message on to them is not enough, you need to show them that you can over-deliver on the promises you are making. A way to do this is by telling them how you have already contributed to the success of some companies and that you can do the same for this one. And remember to have the proper documentation with you to support your claim.

Getting On the Good Books of Executive Assistants

Most decision-makers trust their administrative assistant’s advice. So if you think that the administrative assistant is blocking your way to the decision maker, convince the former how a meeting with you can benefit his superior, and he will convince the decision-maker in turn. Being on the good books will ensure that you get a better chance to meet the actual decision-maker. Treat the assistant in the same way that you would treat the real decision-maker. Book an appointment with them if you have to, and explain everything. Make sure that your message gets across properly and that they are convinced of your capabilities.

Overcoming the Voice Mail Blocks

It may happen that your call is repeatedly going to voice mail and you can find no other way to contact the decision-maker but through leaving a voice mail message. In such a situation, you need to be able to leave an appropriate voice mail message that will be intriguing enough to rouse the interest of the decision-maker. Use the same strategy as in a face-to-face meeting and tell him that you did something really impressive for some other company. If the decision-maker is interested, you can do the same for him. Be professional and provide the date and time of your next call so that he can be ready for it. And it will be even more helpful to provide your contact details in the voice mail message so that he can contact you if he is interested enough.

Sales is not about employing gimmicks. It is about acquiring and using sales skills and strategies. Learning how to manipulate words properly could make all the difference. The decision-maker is the key to closing your sales, so learn to impress them first. Getting some good sales training can improve your sales skills and strategy-making ability.

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