Have You Evaluated Your Sales Script Lately?

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March 8, 2013 — 954 views  
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All sales professionals know how ineffective they can be in the absence of sales scripts. While sales scripts may not be the ultimate key to invariably close a sale, powerful sales scripts can do wonders. These are the sales scripts that sell. Such scripts can be the difference between success and failure.

Qualifying your Prospects

An important characteristic common to all sales scripts that sell is having questions that qualify prospects. Qualifying questions are designed to identify if the prospect is a good fit for the product or service that is to be sold. On the other hand, one of the most common mistakes often made is, attempting to sell anything to anybody.

Communicating Value to Prospects

Your prospects take interest in your offer only when they can see value in it. The first thing they might want to know is what they can use in the offer. In other words, the product or service you are selling must have something in it that meets the need of prospects. Unless, the prospect finds value in the product or service offered, they may not be interested in it. Most salespersons forget to communicate value to prospects when developing sales scripts that sell. They may continue to explain the best features of their offer without bothering to stop and think for a moment about what value it carries for the prospect.

Engage your Prospects and Build Rapport

Most sales professionals fail to engage prospects. They presume the prospects are either interested, or not interested in the product or service offered. They think prospects already know about the product/service and the company, and will eventually find more on it. However, these presumptions are misleading; a prospect may still want to know many things. Several things about the product or the company may create interest in the prospects. Building interest is essential to making a strong sales pitch. Therefore, the first thing needed in building a conversion is to generate interest in favor of the product among prospects.

Build Rapport

It is possible to successfully engage your prospects if you can build rapport with them. It enables them to listen to you and understand your words. A strong rapport is compelling enough for prospects to take interest in the products you have to offer. People like to buy from whom they have a good rapport with. It makes them responsive to the information you pass on to them. Once they are in agreement with you, they are more likely to be committed to the next step.

Write about the process of building rapport with prospects in sales scripts and mention how this can help the salespersons, what they can do to establish good rapport, and so on.

Building Credibility

The one thing common to all successful sales closure is credibility and trust between buyer and seller. With credibility comes trust, and with trust comes agreement, which leads to sale. A salesperson in a hurry to sell often skips building credibility, and with the lack of credibility, nothing can be sold. Remember, the prospect must first understand the product and that it can fulfill their needs before they make a purchase. Therefore, credibility cannot be taken for granted. Prospects must develop the conviction that comes with credibility.

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