Why Listening Can Be Your Most Powerful Sales Tool

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March 15, 2013 — 987 views  
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If you are a marketing or sales professional, one of the most vital skills you can hone will be your listening skills. Listening well means you understand what exactly your customer wants, making it easier to ensure that they are satisfied by the end of your dealing with them. Listed below are a few reasons why listening is such an important tool for sales.

Being a Poor Listener has its Price

Listening will greatly improve the quality of your relationship with the customer. Being an ineffective listener could spoil relationships and damage trust, which could have a negative effect in the sales and marketing profession. Poor listening will lead to several sales opportunities slipping away through your fingers.

Until a customer completely trusts you, there will be no sales taking place. Listening is the key to building customer loyalty. A large percentage of sales professionals are not trusted because they do not listen properly.

Listening Will Allow Customers to Open up

If you keep doing the talking and interrupt customers, they will not get a chance to express what they feel and what is actually on their minds. Giving your customer a chance to open up and do all the talking will help you learn what exactly your client is looking for. Doing this will help you to offer them the best services, and will also make them feel like you are genuinely interested.

Listening is Like Art

Listening will give you the opportunity to come up with creative ideas similar to an artist. By doing this you can discover the best solutions to help your customers. Being a good listener is one of the main qualities of sales professionals who have made it to very high levels.

Understand Your Customer

If you don’t give your customer a chance to talk enough you will not be able to understand him/her. Good listening skills will help you read the client’s mind and know the triggers that will lead them to buy your product. Once you do this, you can add substantial value to what they want, and make sure that what you offer them is irresistible. Remember to always listen more than you speak, this will give you a great edge over other competitors.

Listening skills form the building blocks of any business. If you don’t know the needs of your customer, how will you fulfill them? Every single conversation needs to be paid full attention to. No matter whether you are talking to a person via the telephone, online, or personally, always listen intensely.

If you think multi-tasking is a good idea, think again. Trying to focus on too many things can easily give the impression that you are not really bothered, so make the effort of just focusing on your customer alone. If they know they have all your undivided attention they are more likely to invest not just time but also money in your products and services. So in order to boost sales, start listening!

Sales Pro Source