Do You Know The Key To Selling To Baby-boomers?

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April 4, 2013 — 930 views  
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Baby boomers are people in their mid 40s to mid 60s and are likely to retire soon. There are products that are of unique interest to them. The bankers who can feel their pulse would most likely understand their unique needs and sell retirement products to them. What they need most urgently as they stand on the brink of their career graph is some form of financial security in their post-retirement phase. This could be their most pressing need especially as they might still be scarred by the recent economic down turn. Their unique needs are also unique opportunities for sellers who sell the products they need. 


Baby boomers are experienced consumers. They are quick at distinguishing the authentic sales pitch from the superficial ones. They don’t want to be treated as prospects. If you can show genuine concern for them and their needs, they will most probably not turn down what is of value to them. So, make them feel dignified and show respect to their individuality. They will then begin to trust you.

Physical Setting

Physical setting can make the key difference between successful selling and failure to do so. If baby boomers come to your office, the least you can do is offer them a chair to sit, make them feel comfortable and relaxed before you jump directly to the business discussion. It is best to be ready with several reading glasses just in case they might have forgotten their own. Offer them a pen to write when they need to take down notes.  

Relate with Them

The best way to relate with someone is to discuss family matters. It is easy for some to feel emotionally comfortable when discussing their family or your family. The age of baby boomers is an age when they are emotionally driven by kids and grand children.

Find out More about Them

Dig more information from them, so that you may know what they are actually looking for. Don’t stop just with banalities like name and profession. Ask them their dreams for their post-retirement life and tell them how your company can fulfill their needs. They will be thankful to you.  

Connect with Them

The best way to connect to them is to connect to their thoughts. This can come from telling stories and anecdotes relevant to the ongoing discussion. It is known that connecting to their brain increases the gush of adrenaline which eventually enhances their comfort level. They will surely begin to trust you if you connect to them.

Be Sensitive to Feelings

Feelings, rather than intellect, are more critical in decision making. Intelligence is a factor in logical analysis but decision making involves emotion. You can never endear anyone by the strength of intellect, but warmth and human touch can make the difference. The person will buy your product not because it was a highly intelligent decision, but because you were sensitive to his feelings.

Independence and Control

Baby boomers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s fiercely guard their independence. They do not want to lose control. When you give them a choice, you give them independence. So, give them many products to choose from. Show them that they are independent by letting them make the decision.

Avoid the Words “Boomers” and “Seniors”

Terms like baby boomers and senior citizens are often offensive to people in their 50s to 70s. They don’t like to be labeled. Treat them with respect and the best way to show them respect is to honor their individuality. If at any stage they feel offended for some reason, the deal is as good as lost for ever.  

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