3 Tips for Increasing Sales Using LinkedIn

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April 11, 2013 — 1,114 views  
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LinkedIn is an amazing networking tool that you can use to connect with people. With this service you can attain many benefits like get in touch with people you know, connect with professionals, manage you career, and even share expertise.

Many people are oblivious of the ways in which they can improve their sales with the help of LinkedIn. LinkedIn now allows you to create a profile for your company. So whether you are a small business or a marketing professional, you can greatly benefit by being actively involved on LinkedIn and promote your products and services.

Create an Impressive and Informational Profile

Now that you have an option of using the LinkedIn platform to create a profile of your company, you need to ensure that you create one that will impress guests, right from start of visiting your profile. Don’t leave any details on your profile blank. Completing the profile with information like descriptions about the kind of business you do, products you offer, contact information, etc. is like telling your business story to your potential and existing customers.

There is a section in the company profile that allows you to display your employees. This feature needs to be carefully used as in case an employee decides to leave the company, customers might just follow suit as well. So it is advisable to have a social media policy in place. Encourage your employees to complete their personal profiles on LinkedIn. This can have a very good impact on the business.

Make Use of the “Endorsement” Feature

Another feature you can make good use of is the Endorsement Feature. You can endorse expertise or skills of members you have added in your network thereby allowing prospective networking partners to quickly recognize your strong points. In order to make it meaningful to your business, you need to first understand that you have to connect with people who you can share your skills and expertise with.

The best way to do this is to go ahead and endorse others on your network. Endorse your inner circle. Although they will be notified that you have endorsed them, it is better if you send a personal email to let them know that LinkedIn has an endorsement feature and that you have endorsed them on it. Then tell them you would appreciate it if they could endorse a few of your skills. Usually it’s better to endorse just one or two skills as that is the best way to keep it easy and personal.

Invite and Interact

Another way to increase your sales is to maintain a good relationship with your existing customers by interacting with them in different ways. The company profile on LinkedIn lets your customers recommend to others your products and services, apart from your company as a whole. This can work well for you because a customer giving positive feedback about your company has greater impact, than when you speak well about your company yourself.

Encouraging your existing customers to endorse you among their circle can ensure a wider audience and improve sales in turn.

Sales Pro Source