5 Keys to Developing a Strategic Sales plan

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May 10, 2013 — 1,111 views  
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Obtaining successful levels of sales can be quite tough at times. It is a process that you need to refine as you grow. If you are a salesperson or the owner of a small business and are unable to achieve the sales results that you expect to, the reason is probably a lack of a successful sales strategy. A sales strategy is something you have to develop constantly to achieve successful results consistently. There is a simple step-by-step process you can follow in order to create your own successful sales strategy.

Define the Target Market

Knowing your target group is critical for the success of your sales. You cannot do business with everyone, at least not initially. You will have to focus on a particular group that you are confident will be interested in your service or product. Once the market you target begins to buy your product or use your service, you can think of expanding into other markets.

Once a market has been selected for focusing your sales strategy on, create a list that is large enough for you to be able to delve in completely, and repeat the entire process a few times. The smaller your target group, the lower your chances of success will be. You can also merge a couple of similar target groups to increase sales.

Determine the Outreach Method

You have two methods of outreach available to you – networking and cold calling. Use the right blend of both of these methods depending on the situation. You should try considering all the people on your list by going through your networking circles and try to make as many connections as possible. Find opportunities to contact or meet with the prospects. Once that is done, take the ones on the list you have no connection with and make cold calls, whether it is through an introductory letter, email, or a phone call. Promise a follow-up and make a follow-up call or visit; refining the process as you grow will help you achieve better results.

Know the Right Questions to Ask

Before going for a sales appointment, make a list of all the potential questions you can ask the client. Don't waste a lot of time talking about your product. Ask them the right questions to understand how they operate. If at the end you feel like they are qualified prospects, give them a quote. If they react negatively, walk away.

Build Through Delivery

Deliver to your prospect what you promised, to build a good rapport which will help to build a good relationship. Don't expect them to be dedicated to you if you don't dedicate yourself to backing up your promises and building a lasting relationship.

Monitor your Progress

This is a critical aspect of developing a working sales strategy. As you proceed with the plan, keep tracking your progress and the efficiency of the process. Build on the parts of the process that work and remove those that don't seem to help. You will need to continuously change the plan to suit your business needs and growth. But with time, the changes that need to be made will reduce as long as there is no anomaly in the market.

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