5 Signs to Tell If You’re In a Sales Slump

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June 13, 2013 — 1,165 views  
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Identifying if you are in a sales slump or not will help you manage your business or your role in a business more effectively. Sales slumps are crushing to any industry – not only in a financial way – but also in an emotional way. Experienced businessmen are always able to identify if they are in a sales slump. This helps them to take immediate action to steer their business away from any disastrous implications.

Signs to Indicate That You Are in a Sales Slump

One of the biggest problems in a sales slump is getting your head around how to deal with it. While the sales slump might start with just the loss of a single sale, which plays on your mind for a very short while, the increase in the loss of sales is likely to cause you to mentally focus on the problem more and more. In many cases, you are likely to take a psychological hit because of the sales slump that might make you believe it is worse than it actually is. Understand exactly what it means to your business and analyze the data religiously. Let the numbers lead you to conclude that you are in a sales slump and not merely a gut instinct.

When you are sure that you are in a sales slump, desperation is a common feeling. However, be aware about how desperate you are seen to be. Competitors as well as customers can sense a businessman in a sales slump and they could easily use it to their advantage, which may not help your business get out of trouble at all.  Make it a point to practice harder and improve any weaknesses that you may have in your chain of sales.

Study competitors that are doing well and see what they do differently. Adapting to the times is an essential part of any business and sales slumps are usually avoided by predicting the routes that industries are going to take. Avoid letting people tell you that you are in a sales slump. Confidence must be kept high to help you beat these trying times.

The five important signs that tell whether you are in a slump include:

  • More people saying ‘no’ than ‘yes’
  • You start to experience anxiety, nervousness, and desperation at almost every chance of a sale
  • Not being able to meet goals that you would easily before
  • Any marketing and sales techniques you used before are not working
  • Money tends to go out of the business as soon as it comes in

Getting Out of a Slump

Getting out of a slump has to do with a number of factors. Current trends and customer loyalty can help you get back on your feet. Refresh your tactics and ideas to help your business move ahead and keep your confidence up at all times. 

In conclusion, suffering from a sales slump could be devastating if it is not detected early or even if it is not managed properly. Keeping your thinking cap on is essential if you are going to ride the storm.

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