Tips for Mastering the Complex Sale

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June 21, 2013 — 1,161 views  
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Every sales professional puts in his/her best efforts to get an order. Some find success, while others keep struggling to make their mark. In order to ensure success in making a complex sale, it is important for sales professionals to understand some key points. It is important for a salesperson to understand that not every sale is a profitable sale. Also, it is better to walk away from a sale that is not profitable for any parties involved.

Tips to Master the Sale

Let us take a look at how a complex sale can be mastered.

  • Understand the Customer – The traditional approach to selling is by saying all the typical sales dialogues--But this does not always work. The sales representative has to understand that every customer is unique, and must prepare appropriately to approach different customers. It might take some time for the sales professional to understand the critical issues of the customer and turn them into business opportunities for himself.
  • Be a Business Consultant – When you approach a customer, don't allow them to self-diagnose the situation or your product. This is not because they are not intelligent enough, but because they do not have in-depth knowledge about the products and services offered by you or your company. That is why it is important to be more of a business consultant or a valued advisor to them rather than just approaching them with the intention of selling.
  • Refrain from Asking for the Order – If you have followed your sales procedure systematically and correctly, there will be no need for you to ask for the sales order. Make it clear to the customer, the way in which your products and services can eliminate their existing problem. The final decision to purchase your product must come from the customer himself.
  • Ask More Questions and Avoid Telling Stories – It is quite natural and predictable for sales representatives to say all positive things about the company and the products they deal with. Prospects hardly take these things seriously and quite often ignore it. A better way to make the customer feel you understand their business needs is by asking them questions that are thought provoking and unique to their business functions.
  • Don't try Selling to a Group Do not keep unrealistic expectations of convincing a group of people at once about your products. This is an approach that is guaranteed to fail. Instead, first try to approach every important customer individually. When you present your solution to a group of individuals, they will have a basic idea of how your business solution can impact and support their functions.

Whatever kind of customer you deal with, and however complex the sale you are dealing with is, it is important to keep the above factors in mind. It is also important to accept the customer’s view and hear them out. It is quite possible that their point is absolutely valid. This will enable the customer to trust you and they will feel free to express their concerns and feelings to you.

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