Memory Techniques for the Sales Professional

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July 10, 2013 — 1,597 views  
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Although memory plays a critical role in all walks of life, it is especially significant in the business environment. When a business person can make presentations without referring to the notes, and can remember the details of a client or remember business strategies they have experimented with in the past, they could be serving their business in an excellent manner.

Impact on Sales

Memory can have a direct relationship with the impact on business. You may or may not use memory techniques but the important point is to let your memory serve you best to promote your business interest. A good memory can make a huge difference in your sales performance. As a sales person, your clients and prospects are your valuable assets. If you remember them by names and also remember their habits, you can easily win them over.

In other words, memory enables you to establish a connection and great rapport with your clients. If in addition, you also remember your last conversation with them, you can immediately begin to build a good business relationship but if you fumble for words on meeting them, you may have just killed one opportunity that may not come again. 

Evidently then, memory can make the difference between success and failure in the sales profession. Nothing pleases a person more than hearing their name from some other person. A successful sales person knows this secret, the key to which is an excellent memory.

Memory Techniques

Not just business professionals--in fact any one can use memory techniques. These have been practiced since ancient times by people to improve their memory. Here are some of the techniques that may prove useful. The method that is fairly popular is the peg method. This method lets you remember something by linking numbers and/or alphabets to the object you want to remember.

The loci method is fairly easy. Under this method you imagine a layout such as your house to remember a list. If a dog is the first thing on your list, you may imagine the dog running through the corridors of your house. You can weave an entire story with the list to remember.

The chunking method is probably the easiest method. You use this method to break large information into small chunks which becomes easy to remember. For instance if you have to remember a 9 digit number, it would be easy to remember small chunks of information such as three separate number of three digits each.

The Pythagoras method is based on Pythagoras’s personal life and is fairly easy. Pythagoras used to recall each day’s events before going to sleep. The Gematria method, an ancient Jewish mnemonic method pairs alphabets and numbers to remember. 

Benefits of Using Memory Techniques to Promote Business

The memory techniques described above can be used by business professionals to promote their business. The loci method can be used by to perform a number of tasks such as remembering the clients they met throughout the day. They can use the peg method to remember something more specific such as the name of the persons and their conversations.

If they can put chunking method to successful use, they will remember the phone numbers of those people who can influence their business. Finally, they can use the Pythagoras method to recall the entire day’s activities so that they continue to remember important activities.

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