The Do's and Don'ts of Territory Management

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August 5, 2013 — 1,666 views  
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Sales are an important aspect of the commercial growth of any business. While there are a number of different types of sales departments, nothing is as seriously hit by the overwhelming fuel costs in today’s world as the outdoor sales department and its representatives. While they do have some amount of their fuel bills reimbursed, learning about territory management and how to use it effectively, will go a long way into helping them maximize their own efficiency.

Importance of Time and Territory Management

Time and territory management is primarily the ability to effectively utilize your resources in to attain maximum output of your daily performance. However, in order to properly implement time and territory management, it is essential to develop a change of mindset. First and foremost, you will need to develop a ‘CEO mindset’ where you hold yourself accountable for anything that happens in your ‘territory’. This sense of complete ownership will see you become more serious about the various facets of your job as well as the problems you face on a regular basis. Additionally, it will also drive you to think ‘outside the box’ in order to solve any problems you face.

Data analysis is an essential part of ensuring that you completely comprehend the various aspects of profitability, size, and distribution of your product in your ‘territory’. Make sure you also understand and are able to expertly use all the tools available to you in to perform your job while being able to implement a strategy and plan for distribution throughout your ‘territory’.

Develop a strong database with information on the target audience in your territory as well as ensure that your sales development team is constantly focused on improvement.

Do’ and Don’ts

One of the important things to do when adopting a time and territory management system is to make sure that you adhere to an outlined plan. In the event that you are ahead of schedule on your target, avoid sitting back and giving yourself a ‘day off’. This is essentially where the laziness starts to set in. Even if you are ahead of your target number at any given goal, make sure you push through and strive for better results. While this will obviously benefit solely yourself in the end, it cannot be stressed enough exactly how easy it is to get caught in a vortex of laziness.

Making sure that you know the customers present in your territory as well as possible will not only help you serve them better, but will also help build a rapport with them to entice future orders. Good customer relations cannot be overstressed, as it is something that will allow people in the area to trust your judgment and opinion more easily.

All in all, sales representatives all over the world have started to see the time and territory management systems to be a real boon to their entire workflow. Getting it wrong is very easy as many of people do not want to invest the time required to perfect the system before they are likely to see the substantial results. Persevere and make the effort to get to know your product’s customer base well to help you improve your customer relation skills.

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