The Importance of Setting that Sales Appointment

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August 16, 2013 — 1,638 views  
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In sales, like any other field, proficiency comes from learning and practice. The most common mistake committed by the rookie sales person is their attempt to sell the product or service without following the preceding steps. Sales professionals should concentrate on getting a sales appointment in their first interaction with the consumer.

Why is it Important to Set the Sales Appointment? 

Setting up the sales appointment is the critical step in the chain leading from cold calls to closing the sales. In businesses, setting a sales appointment is integral to the acquisition of new business. The only way a sales person can meet the potential customer in person is through an appointment with them. When the prospect and the sales person meet face to face, their interaction is at a deeper level which gives an opportunity to the sales person to gain the confidence of the prospect by addressing their doubts and queries.

It is not only important that the sales appointment be set up, but also that it is done in the right way for successful business outcomes. If the scheduling is done correctly, the sales team can bring in businesses for their company, otherwise, they are in for disappointment. Appointments give businesses their first and only opportunity to showcase their products as well as services, to make an impact. 

Right way of Setting the Sales Appointment

The right way of setting the sales appointment is an art and skill that needs to be learned, rather than assume it to be known. It only requires a cold call to set an appointment. The important point to consider in setting up an appointment is that your goal is not just to set an appointment but to close the sale. If you can remember this critical goal, you have done your home work well. While your short term goal is to close the appointment, your long term goal is to close the sale. You will need to keep in mind both of these goals to make your efforts successful.

You need to have information about the person you are calling. This requires some research. Today, the research is easy with the access to Google and online media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook. When you know a person well, the chances are you will close the call and eventually close the deal.

As soon as you are connected to your prospect on the phone, your opening lines will determine where you go from there. Most people are in a rejection mode especially when faced with sales calls. If you can craft an intriguing and surprising opener, you will most probably hook your prospect. If you have researched your prospect, you will know what they need and how your product can benefit them.

If you move ahead with the assumption of a meeting and give your prospect the choice of time suited to them, the chances are that your meeting with the prospect will eventually take place, but it also may not. Finally, it is advised not to give up even if the prospect rejects the meeting. Most experts believe that unless the prospect rejects you three times, it may be time to move on.

In conclusion, it is evident that an appointment with the prospect is the first step to success. However, closing an appointment is a skill that requires learning and research on prospects. Once the skill is mastered the eventual sale should not be difficult.

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