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Advanced Microsoft® Excel® PivotTables

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You know the basics of PivotTables - now become a power user.To be truly proficient in using PivotTables in Excel®, you need to know more than just the basic techniques of creating PivotTables and switching the locations of field. To better use the analytical power of PivotTable tools, you need to master the highly visual presentation tools available through the slicer and timeline features, learn the content expansion capabilities of calculated fields, calculated items, and custom calculations, create external formulas with the GETPIVOTDATA function, and also how to group data based on dates and times, as well as grouping by any criteria you wish. Other features, like drill-down (to see specific source data in a flash), PivotCharts (instant visual support for numerical data), conditional formatting (accentuating results with icons and color variations), and grouping data on an ad hoc basis are also tools that enhance and expand the way you use this powerful feature.


Dennis Taylor, Taylor Associates