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Results Envy: Case Studies that Increase Sales

January 14, 2014

Compelling case studies stand out by enabling prospects to feel the pain and imagine the rewards of their own successful outcome. A well-told case study, complete with a high-stakes problem and a high-value solution, makes “getting to yes” easier. In this 10 minute segment taken from my live upcoming webinar, “Results Envy: Case Studies that Increase Sales" which takes place on February 11, 2014, you’ll learn four reasons why “Results Envy” is essential to creating a case study that motivates listeners to action.

Three Truths and a Lie About Client Acquisition and Loyalty

December 10, 2013

Client acquisition and loyalty is created by a healthy balance of trust and authenticity: a prospective client has to believe what you say and the manner in which you will deliver the work. As a service provider, you have to be willing to be transparent with your prospective client throughout the entire engagement cycle. In other words, client acquisition and loyalty is not table stakes – you have to work hard to earn and keep their business. Watch this 10-minute segment of our full on-demand webinar, "Secrets of Successful Customer Onboarding," to learn how.

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Made in Team Selling

October 1, 2013

How many sales are lost because firms don’t understand the Psychology and Mechanics of Team Selling? Join me to discuss the 6 Biggest Mistakes Made in Team Selling and how to overcome them, a sneak preview of our full OnDemand Webinar, "Best Practices of Winning Team Selling."

What the Best Do Differently

May 8, 2013

In this hyper-competitive environment, the sales leader’s role becomes more complex. On one hand, customer expectations escalate, while on the other, corporate stakeholders push for sustained growth and margins as effective go-to-market execution is increasingly challenged by orchestrating cross-enterprise, virtual resources. In this 10-minute segment from our full on-demand webinar, "How to Develop Your Strategic Sales Plan," you will learn about what the best organizations do differently to gain and keep their customers – creating and maintaining strategic relationships.

Five Strategic Questions to Engage the C Level Executive

January 21, 2013

Too many times you’re forced to call on lower level contacts that are afraid or won’t make a decision. That’s a real problem. You have to deal with individuals who can play games, bully you on price, take a guarded position or not give you the critical information you need to make the sale. This 10-minute preview will give you the insight you need on how to ask powerful questions to engage the C Level Executive.

What to Bring to Your Next Sales Meeting

August 23, 2012

Sales people are always wondering what to bring to a sales meeting. Should you bring everything that you can possibly need, or miss something and delay the sale? In this 10-minute webinar, noted author, trainer and business-person Stephan Schiffman explains the reasons for the confusion and gives specific tips on what to bring to sales meetings and why.

A More Sophisticated Approach to Solution Selling

July 27, 2012

A small percentage of sales people are natural solution sellers. Companies attempting to recruit or 'buy' these skills in the marketplace can face frustration as they try to scale their businesses. What companies can do is put in place programs and tools that increase the probability of success for all levels of solution sellers. This approach will help companies 'build' more solution sales resources and teams. Watch this webinar to learn how.

Closing the Sale with a Winning Sales Script

February 14, 2012

Improve the success rate of your sales calls instantly! Listen to this free webinar and strengthen the communication skills that are crucial to your job success.