Seminar ID: 100558

What the Best Do Differently

Presented By:
Philip Styrlund

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
The Summit Group

You will Learn:

  • Insights, hindsight, and foresights in the area of collaborative customer planning and co-innovation
  • How to enhance relationships with key customers
  • How to create competitive immunity
  • How to build compelling value propositions
  • To better respond to your key customer’s requirements

In this hyper-competitive environment, the sales leader’s role becomes more complex. On one hand, customer expectations escalate, while on the other, corporate stakeholders push for sustained growth and margins as effective go-to-market execution is increasingly challenged by orchestrating cross-enterprise, virtual resources. In this 10-minute segment from our full on-demand webinar, "How to Develop Your Strategic Sales Plan," you will learn about what the best organizations do differently to gain and keep their customers – creating and maintaining strategic relationships.