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Sales Research Fundamentals: Don't Make the Mistake of Going in Cold!

OnDemand Webinar (81 minutes)

Many sales people today have never been taught how to properly prepare for a sales call. They simply recycle the same sales conversation over and over hoping to find someone waiting to buy from them. Anyone can make lots of calls, and it takes almost no skill to convert a huge number of contacts into a sparse number of opportunities. But if you want to significantly increase your production, you'll need to do a better job of making every conversation count.

Proper preparation builds your confidence, saves time, impresses the customer and leads to better opportunities. It spells success!


Tim Wackel , The Wackel Group


Why Top Producers Have Moved Away From ABC and Transitioned to ABD

The Surprising Number of Cold Calls That You're Actually Making

Specific Ideas for Gaining Credibility Before Your First Contact

The One Piece of Info That Most Clients Want, but Very Few Ever Receive

How to Handle Objections Before They Arrive

The Three Ps That Every Customer Wants to Hear

Two Key Sentences You Must Leverage on Every Call

The Most Important Sixty Minutes of Every Day