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How to Guarantee a Decision Maker Meeting When Selling to the Government

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Sales and business development professionals who work in the government market find it extremely difficult to meet with the decision makers. Ever since 9/11, government agencies at all levels have instituted iron-clad security measures to stop people from entering government buildings without specific appointments. If you plan to build your business in the federal, state or local government markets and win government contracts, it is critical to meet with decision makers and build strong relationships because people do business with people they know and trust. How do you get an appointment if you cannot get in?

This OnDemand Webinar will help every sales and business development professional find the right decision makers, get past the gatekeepers, plan for and obtain that meeting, and ultimately build lasting relationships that foster higher sales and growth. This program will cover the best practices, appropriate and inappropriate tactics and a little-known, but straightforward process guaranteed to get you in front of the decision makers. By the end of the session, you will understand what is different about this market, and how to plan for and execute a successful decision maker meeting.


Gloria Berthold Larkin, Marketing Outsource Associates, Inc.


What Is the Purpose of the Decision Maker Meeting?

• Learn How Government and Commercial Decision Makers Are Very Different

• Sales Cycle Demands Specific Content

• Identifying Exact Targets: With Whom Will You Meet?

• Why Should the Decision Maker Take Valuable Time to Meet With You?

Crafting a Decision Maker Meeting Request

• Specific Research: Tools and Tactics

• Identifying the Target's Priorities

• Creating a Compelling Message

Process Involved in Requesting the Meeting

• Where to Find the Exact Wording to Use

• What to Highlight

• What Information to Leave Out

• Message Preparation for Delivery: Personal Contact, Phone and E-mail

• How to Avoid Voice Mail Hell

Format of the Ideal Decision Maker Meeting

• Where the Meetings Are Held

• All of the Types of Decision Maker Meetings

• Who Attends the Meeting From Your Company and the Government?

• Agenda, Timing and Meeting Format

• Show and Tell: When You Can and Cannot Use Props

• Follow-Up for Each Type of Decision Maker Meetings

The Five Killer Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Decision Makers Meetings