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7 Surprising Ways to Supercharge Your Direct Mail Letter/Email Response

OnDemand Webinar (53 minutes)

Learn how business to business and business to consumer marketers can double or triple their direct mail letter and email response rates.

Direct mail and email can be very profitable as they can be the most cost effective and fastest ways to generate leads and increase sales.

But many marketers lose time and money because they violate some of the time tested rules - marketing blunders that depress response.

Learn how to create a successful, profitable direct mail sales letter and/or email letter.

You will never look at a direct mail or email letter the same way again ... knowing how to supercharge your marketing, evaluate the copy and success of a letter before it goes out.


Craig Huey, Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc.


Costly Blunder #1 Not Knowing the Difference Between Creating a Great Direct Mail Letter and a Great Email; A Direct Mail Letter and an Email Letter Share a Lot of Commonalities but There Are Significant Differences

• Direct Mail Differences

• Email Differences - Plus the #1 Rule Most Email Marketers Break

Costly Blunder #2 Copy Blunders That Cripple Response

• Direct Response Is the Mega Difference Between Success and Failure; It's Not Advertising, Journalistic and Editorial Copy

• 12 Critical Copy Principles for Success

Costly Blunder #3 Overlooking Proven Response Boosting Triggers

• Paragraph, Sentence Rules

• First Sentence Essentials

Costly Blunder #4 the Letter Has a Weak Offer

• Three Essentials to an Offer

• How to Increase Response With Your Offer Clearly Stated in the Letter

Costly Blunder #5 Anemic Call to Action (CTA)

• How to Close a Powerful Sales Letter

• What Never to Do With a CTA

Costly Blunder #6 How Art Can Kill Your Letter's Response

• Direct Mail Art Rules

• What Email Tests Prove

Costly Blunder #7 the Close

• How to Blow It Big Time

• What Never to Forget

Bonus: What Everyone Should Know About the Impact of the Email or Postal List on Response