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Business Grammar Fundamentals

OnDemand Webinar (108 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of essential grammar rules to better communicate as a business professional.In this wonderfully diverse business environment, your writing and speaking must be professional, inclusive, and polished. The good news is that some of the most common errors are also the easiest to fix, once you know what they are. From biased language to punctuation, cleaning up your verbiage will also clear up your message. This topic will point out common mistakes you may not realize you are making and walk you through how to fix them for good.


Melanie Hope, Hope Speaking LLC


Eliminate Iffy Language

• Gender-Based Verbiage and Avoiding Awkwardness

• Things You Say That Make You Sound Either Condescending or Weak

• Idiotisms, Mixed Metaphors, and Malapropisms, Oh My

Make Your Message Strong and Clear

• Writing With SAS (Singular, Active, Simple)

• Mastering Brevity

• Using Active vs. Passive Language

Punctuation and Pronouns

• The Hierarchy of Punctuation

• The Dynamics of Me, Myself, and I/Who and Whom

• Pronouns vs. Amateur Nouns (Where Do the Apostrophes Go?)

• Making Plurals Without Making Yourself Look Dumb

The Proofreading Checklist

• Pro Tips for a Quick Edit

• Finding Capitalization Gaffs, Typos, and Other Common Goofs

• When to Ignore the Squiggle