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Unlocking the Power of Linked Workbooks in Excel®

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Learn how to save time and minimize mistakes when linking Excel® workbooks.

In today's business world, there is tons of data. Your Excel® spreadsheets are becoming more and more complex. You seem to updating the same numbers in different sheets. You also have to import data from other sources, and then re-import the data when it changes. This process is taking too much time, and it leads to many mistakes.

This topic will show you how to link your worksheets and workbooks to each other, and how to link Excel® to webpages and other data sources as well. When you use the techniques, you will save a lot of time, and have more accurate spreadsheets. When you link things together properly, you will only have to update the data once, and then the changes will cascade thru to your other sheets and workbooks.


Tom Fragale, DBA The PC Guy Consulting, INC


Integrating Data on Web Pages Into Your Workbooks and Creating Automatic Links

Learning How to Repair Broken Workbook Links

Controlling Whether or Not Linked Workbooks Update Automatically as Well as Suppressing Unwanted Prompts

Linking to Other Data Sources Such as Access®, SQL Server, and Text Files

Having the Links to Other Data Sources Update the Information Automatically

Linking Formulas Between Worksheets and Workbooks

Using the Data Consolidate Function to Add Sheets Together and Link

Eliminating the Risk Of Workbook Links by Using Microsoft® Query® to Get Data From One Workbook Into Another

Managing Prompts That Appear When You Open a Workbook That Contains Links

Learning How to Arrange Two Worksheets From Within the Same Workbook On-Screen

Linking Charts to Data in Other Sheets