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Best Practices and Guidelines With 360-Degree Feedback

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn the benefits and the best practices of implementing a successful 360-degree feedback.Most employees are familiar with the typical annual or semi-annual reviews that their supervisors routinely conduct. These reviews only involve the employee receiving feedback from a single perspective: their manager's. While those reviews are vital, they rarely provide feedback that leads to the professional development of the employee. 360-degree feedback reviews are not designed to function as performance reviews, they refer to all-around or all directions. A standard review is about the job an employee is doing, a 360-degree feedback review is about the employee themselves. That makes it very personal and very powerful.


Audrey Halpern, ARH Employee Training


What Is a 360-Degree Feedback Tool?

Purpose of 360-Degree Feedback

Usefulness and Benefits

Disadvantages and Limitations

Responsibilities by Role

Introducing 360-Degree Feedback to Employees

Designing Assessments and Survey Questions

360-Degree Feedback Cycle

Preparing for the Feedback Meeting

Techniques for Effective Feedback

Types of Feedback