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Building a WOW Resume That’s Guaranteed to Stand Out and Be Remembered

OnDemand Webinar (29 minutes)

Learn which factors have proven to impress recruiters and hiring managers to the point where they will notice, remember and recommend your resume.In today's crazy job market and record-high unemployment rate, the competition for all good jobs is intense. However, in the special case, when you identify your personal 'dream job,' it is safe to assume that that 'your job' is also highly desirable to others. The competition is likely to be so intense that the organization is sure to receive over 100 applications. Unfortunately, that means that up to 95% of the applicants will be silently rejected based solely on a quick review of their resume. If you are one of the rejects, you will never know why your resume was not enough even to earn you an interview opportunity. So, to be noticed under this extreme competition, you will need a resume that literally WOWS every reviewer. With these difficult odds, if you want a fighting chance, you will need to stop listening to all resume advice that does not provide you with a competitive advantage. Instead, you need to build your resume based on hard data that shows exactly what you must do to actually garner the attention of extremely busy recruiters and hiring managers. This material is exclusively based on research that demonstrates exactly which factors have proven to impress recruiters and hiring managers to the point where they will notice, remember, and recommend your resume. So, forget the bad resume advice from your friends and the Internet that is not designed to make your resume stand out. Instead, use this material's content to develop a 'WOW level' resume that will stand out, be remembered, and that will dramatically increase the odds of your resume earning an interview slot. In addition, realize that the process of building a powerful resume will also provide you with accomplishments and present stories that will later help you improve your interview performance.


John Sullivan, Dr. John Sullivan & Associates


What Differentiates a 'WOW Resume' From a Standard Resume

• Highlighting the Distinguishing Characteristics That Elevate Your Resume to the WOW Level

The Many Benefits From Having a 'WOW Resume' That Stands Out and Is Remembered

• Highlighting How You Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Others by Ensuring That Recruiters and Hiring Managers Will Stand out Among Dozens of Qualified Resumes

• At Least One Component of Your Resume Will Be Easily Remembered by Recruiters and Hiring Managers Even Days Later

The Top 10 Key 'Standout/Remembered Factors' That You Should Include in Your Resume

• Covering Examples of the Most Impactful Standout Factors That Most People Can Easily Include in Their Resume

The Importance of Testing the Degree to Which Your Resume Stands out and Is Remembered

• Highlighting Why You Must Pretest Your Resume to Ensure That It Meets the Standout/Remembered Standards

Additional 'Wow Resume' Tips

• Format, Content, and Surviving ATS Screening Suggestions to Improve Your Resume's Ranking